A stay at Bed & Breakfast De Caumermolen is a unique experience. It is a perfect location for a family holiday; children are more than welcome, as are dogs, if well-trained. De Caumermolen is an ideal starting point to discover cycling through the ‘Heuvelland’, enjoy a lovely meal in the area, go shopping or visit a museum in Aachen or Maastricht, Düsseldorf or Cologne, Valkenburg or Liège.

At Kerkrade, you can enjoy a visit to the zoo Gaiapark, which has won several prizes. Another fun option is the Continium, a museum where young and old can take action and discover how the world works.

Are you a fan of winter sports? Go skiing and snowboarding at Landgraaf all year round thanks to SnowWorld.

Valkenburg is only 15 km away. There, you can visit the caves or use a lift to go to Valkenburg’s highest point.

For a beautiful as well as sporty experience, a hike at ‘Geuldal’ is always a wonderful idea.